We provide advice to employers on the tax consequences of short and long-term secondments and, over the years, there is very little that we have not encountered in this field. Having employees working overseas may provide a myriad of opportunity but, without doubt, there is always a disproportionate amount of HR time required to deal with these issues. We are able to assist by providing:

  • A free consultation session with you (and your HR person) to talk through the issues that we know will arise, as they invariably do in every assignment we have dealt with over the last 20 years.
  • Advice on developing a tax policy for the assignment (even if only one person is being assigned, this is a worthwhile exercise and does not have to involve substantive cost).
  • Conducting face-to-face entry/exit interviews with employees who are going on secondment.   
  • Advising on the PAYE/FBT obligations for your organisation related to the secondment.
  • Assistance with New Zealand and expatriate tax return preparation of your assignees.