United Kingdom Tax

Are you living in New Zealand and need help with your UK tax return?

CloudTax can help you with:

Moving from the UK

Individuals who leave the UK tax net part-way through the tax year are typically due a UK tax refund of PAYE. If you have not yet organised this, we can help. We can also help you determine whether you may have any ongoing exposure to UK tax, even though you may consider that you have left the UK.

For individuals who still have investments in the UK (such as a rental property or a pension) we can help you understand the tax consequences of changes in UK tax legislation that may affect these investments*

Moving to the UK

Like many countries, the UK has tax concessions to encourage individuals to move and work in the UK. Understanding those concessions and, in particular, how one concession dovetails neatly with a NZ concession for NZers leaving for the UK, can lead to significant tax savings.

*Please note that we can also provide you with advice on the New Zealand tax consequences of transferring your pension from the UK to NZ, although we cannot provide any investment advice.

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