United States Tax

Are you a US Expatriate living in New Zealand? Do you require advice on NZ US Tax matters?

CloudTax are your American tax advisor's and can help with:

  • US individual income tax return and tax refund preparations.
  • Bringing your US tax affairs up to date if you have not filed for a period of time*.
  • Advising you on the implications of the NZ/US income tax treaty.
  • Assisting with your compliance obligations under FATCA.
  • Pro-Active tax planning to minimise your tax obligations either
    • If you are not yet in New Zealand and are planning to move to New Zealand to live and work (US citizen living abroad tax); or
    • If you are planning a move to the US.
  • Advice regarding the tax consequences of giving up your US citizenship.
  • If you have a US-based business and require US-based support, we work alongside a US organisation to deliver support from within the US.

*Periodically, the IRS allows ‘catch-up' returns to be filed on a penalty free basis. There are currently two such programmes running to encourage those US citizens who are not up to date with their tax affairs to become compliant.

To see how we can help you, please contact us