New Zealand tax

Need expert advice on double taxation or overseas investment taxes in New Zealand?

CloudTax can help!

Moving to New Zealand

Significant tax breaks exist for individuals moving to New Zealand for the first time. At CloudTax we can advise on the applicability of such rules to your situation. For those who do not qualify, it is important to understand overseas investment tax consequences of holding overseas investments and the potential compliance that may be associated with this.

Leaving New Zealand

New Zealand (like many countries) taxes the world-wide income of individuals who are considered to be New Zealand residents. You may be surprised to learn that you may continue to be considered a NZ resident by the IRD even if you move overseas for an extended period of time. To understand how these rules may impact you, and whether it could lead to ‘double taxation’, please contact us.

New Zealand-based individuals

We provide year-round tax support and compliance assistance for NZ individuals who have overseas interests. We can also help you understand NZ rental property tax and NZ non resident withholding tax queries.

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