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Today, the Internal Revenue Service notified taxpayers that it will be ending the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programme (OVDP) in September 2018.

The OVDP is a tax amnesty programme for deliquent taxpayers who were unable to attest tha their failure to file was not due to wilful action.

For now, the Streamlined Amnesty remains in place, with the IRS simply noting that it will be removed at some point, but wiith no further details given.

You may be aware that from 1 July 2017, there are changes occurring to Australian superannuation.

The attached is a link to a guide that provides a good (and understandable) overview of the changes


Inland Revenue is trying to raise awareness of the upcoming changes to information sharing.  A series of public anouncements is scheduled for June and July 2017.

At least once a month I am asked the question “What is the likelihood of the revenue authorities finding out about my XXXX”.  My response is always the same “What is the likelihood of them not finding out about your XXXX”.


Do you have a UK mortgage?

If you have a UK mortgage, grab a bottle of gin before you read on, there is some bad news to come. In fact, if you are paying any mortgage outside of New Zealand (NZ), you should read this, because the concepts I’m about to introduce apply to all NZ taxpayers with an overseas mortgage.