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The New Zealand government has signalled its intent to get serious about ensuring that propoerty speculators pay their 'fair share' of income tax.

Once legislation is introduced we will have more detailed comment.

What does FATCA really mean to US citizens

For those who have not yet heard, FATCA (or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is the mother of all “tax” laws.  Before you read this article sit-down, or at least, take a few deep breaths.

FATCA is not new, and indeed has been around since 2010.  It has however taken a few years to get a head of steam going, and is now in full swing with some critical deadlines about to occur. 

If you owe federal tax, the IRS offers many convenient ways to pay. Make sure you pay by the April 15 deadline, even if you get an extension of time to file your 2014 tax return. Here are some of the ways to pay your tax:

Do you own propoerty in the UK (which you may be currently renting out?)

If so, you should be aware of the significant changes to the changes to the capital gains tax rules which were clarified in yesterday's budget.  

The IRS has posted an Update to the Instructions for Form 8938 for 2014 to the FATCA web page.

On first glance, these changes are likely to have an impact on the reporting for individuals with NZ superannuation plans in the 2014 year.